Fall Must Haves

Fall may have officially started a month ago, but here in NYC we’ve been in our “false fall” season – where the calendar may be festive, but Mother Nature is definitely not. In this prequel to everyone’s favorite fashion season, we begin our days with 45 degree brisk winds lending us to wear a sweater that we seemingly regret a few hours later as the temperature crawls up. By 2pm, a bright beaming sun forms beads of sweat on your forehead as you try and pretend you’re not having a heat stroke in your wool sweater. (:

BUT now that “real fall” is finally here, and I am no longer weather confused, here are your Fall Must Haves:

Sherpa Denim Jacket. That is all. Can you even get more fall than this?

Baseball Cap.… sometimes you need a little more help than Dry Shampoo, and honestly this alternative is better than using the whole bottle.

Wear this with a dress, wear this with jeans, wear this with shorts, wear this every chance you get.

Now that you have your Sherpa Denim Jacket… you need a trendy crewneck to lay under it. You’re welcome.

We love a good hoop, and thats probably because every other earring has no edge. except these. These ear crawlers are a good change up from the hoop, and still give you that unapproachable vibe you’re prob going for.

My #1 for this season. Long Cheetah Cardigan. The whole world is on this trend, which would usually make me hate it. But, honestly, it will make you embrace your inner cheetah girl soooo in this case and this case only, be basic and jump on the trend.

Leather Shorts. Leather Shorts. Leather Shorts. Because while a sweater with jeans will always be classic, you have to have other options.

A fun, trendy, statement pair of jeans. For the aforementioned sweater & jeans classic fit. It’s okay to be classic, but you don’t have to be a basic bitch while doing it(:

Even with a trendy pair, jeans can get old quick. Im OBSESSED with these pants. the most flattering pant you shall ever purchase. The sweater paired with the pants in this link is very questionable, but the pants are really so cute in person.

Becca Glow Body Stick – your secret tool if you really love highlighter, and want to brighten up the autumn season. Continue to blind your friends, but now with your collar bones!

A great bootie is ESSENTIAL to any and all things fall. I linked one without a heel that may bring you back to your 7th grade combat boot phase, but we have all matured since then and now know how to wear these correctly!

We’re talking about fall here. so this solid turtleneck is necessary.