Do yourself a favor and pull it together: Dress cute-ish during quarantine.

The first few days of quarantine were cute. There was still hope in the world…. restaurants were still open for take out… and i thought board games were a cure-all. Now on what feels like day 756 of quarantine, I have no hope, no restaurants are open, and when someone suggests a board game I have to genuinely restrain myself from ripping their hair out….

All of this negative energy can really take a toll on you and affect the way you feel, which affects the way you dress (and why you’ve prob been living in the same pair of pajamas or leggings & hoodie combo). But the concept also works the other way… the way you dress will affect the way you feel, which will help bring the positive vibes we’re all so desperately looking for. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am CERTAINLY not encouraging we put a ton of effort in, or dare I even say it… put on a pair of jeans (not even sure if they’d fit with all the baking & snacking thats been occurring 😅). BUTTTTT I am saying that we can take a lesson or two from that stupid tik tok video about making your lounge wear look chic with just a few tweaks (and no, there is no tie dye mentioned in this post. you’re welcome).

Whether it’s leggings & a hoodie, or sweats and a tee, adding an oversized jacket will tie the whole look together and give it a cool, effortless west coast vibe. I’ve been living in two that I got last year. The first is an oversized really light blue one you can see in the header pic, and the other is a black wash that’s a little more light weight. I linked ones similar to the ones I have since I can’t find the exact ones ):
Blue Oversized Denim Jacket
Black Oversized Denim Jacket

There’s nothing a couple of gold chains and a pair of gold hoops can’t make look expensive. I swear the other day I had on sweats, a baggy tee, an oversized jacket, and gold hoops. I obviously posted a snap to document the cute but low effort fit and must have gotten 6 responses from my friends asking where I was going all dressed up……. *sighhhh* the power of a gold hoop.
I linked some cute gold jewelry for your convenience (:
Small Gold Hoops
Croissant Dome Hoops
Gold Chunky Chain
Gold Coin Necklaces to Layer
Customizable Dainty Gold Necklace

I know you can never go wrong with the classic leggings & hoodie … but I’ve recently been loving the look of a baggy sweat, graphic tee either cropped or half tucked in, and (the above mentioned) oversized denim jacket. I know this prob sounds like major Billie Ellish vibes lol, but changing it up from what has become the universal female loungewear uniform makes it look like you put more effort into your outfit than you really did. I linked some of my fave places to get sweats & tees below that aren’t so basic.
Joah Brown
Carbon 38
Daydreamer LA
Cotton Citizen

Now that we have the outfit together, we need to get our head on the same page. Again, not saying we have to fully beat our face and whip out the curling iron, but taking five extra minutes to get your shit together will really make all the difference.

For makeup, all you need is a little moisturizer, some mascara, a little blush, and a chap stick / lip gloss depending on how fancy you want to get. This is enough to give you a little glow and take away the near death paleness you’ve developed in quarantine!!

For hair, I have 2 go to’s. I either pull it back for a sleek low messy bun, ORRR I’ll do a half up in a messy bun, the other half down. To be completely honest, I’m running low on dry shampoo so I’ll sometimes throw on a baseball hat over either hair style.

Not only will looking cute make you feel like you have your shit together during this ~unprecedented time~ lolol, but it also will serve you well as you now can actually snap the guy you’re talking to back, and don’t have to stress about running into anyone in the grocery store!