Baking Frenzy in the Q!!!

Since summer in New York is apparently not going to be a thing, and every vacation I had booked for this year has been cancelled….I have no reason NOT to live out my Food Network Baking Championship Challenge dreams. I swear all I do is bake these days. Everyone hates me for it, but they still come back for more and have unanimously nicknamed me “Betty.” Since I cant cook to save my life, I’ll wear the baking crown proudly and only answer to Betty from here on out.

I shared some of my fave things I’ve been making with the recipes I followed. Some are healthy, some most are not. Just promise me you won’t cry when you read how much sugar is used for some desserts ๐Ÿ˜… (remember there is no summer 2020 so like… it doesn’t even matter)
**Click the title of the dessert for the recipe!

Banana Bread is all the rage lately. Check your insta stories, snap stories, and tiktok and I GUARANTEE you will see at least 5 being made. **I add 1/2 cup of sour cream to mine as a secret ingredient to help make sure its super moist.

This is lowkey hard to make. The first time I tried it was a total flop. You have to really make sure your proportions and measurements are right or you’ll have too much glaze for your biscuits and wind up making a soup like concoction. so don’t eye anything.
** I don’t use raisins or walnuts in this bc ew.

If you’re a cookie dough feen, this is for you. These are like little balls of magic. The easier way to make these is to just use real cookie dough, roll it into balls and stuff it between two pretzels HOWEVER we’re not supposed to encourage the consumption of cookie dough raw … so I’ve linked recipe that most not lazy people will approve of.

Okay here is my one and only healthy dessert!!! These actually taste so good, and if it’s not because of the oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate combo, its because they’re guilt free, which means you can have like 5 before you have to start to reason with yourself.

This is the definition of “oldie but a goodie.” This dessert was so popular and trendy back in like 2014 (I have about 5 pics archived on my insta as proof๐Ÿ™ƒ). It’s so easy to make and even easier to eat the whole skillet in one sitting.